147.5 km Fufulso-Sawla Road and Community Development Projects Inaugurated

Fufulso–Sawla, Northern Region

The Fufulso–Sawla Road is a 147-kilometre (91 mi) road constructed by the Government of Ghana linking Fufulso and Sawla through Damongo in the Northern Region of Ghana. It is also called Fufulso-Sawla-Damongo Road. Construction works started in 2012.
President John Mahama and Dr. Donald Kaberuka jointly inaugurated the Fufulso Water Supply System, which is part of the social and community development projects linked to the 147.5km Fufulso- Sawla Road Project
The treatment facility has a capacity of 2,500 cubic metres and which will supply an estimated 7,000 inhabitants through public standpipes.
The proposed project seeks to address development constraints caused by poor road infrastructure in the Northern Region of Ghana

Project Details

Project ID: JM-4742
Project Type: Road and Railway
Year Built: 2015