Atorkor-Dzita-Anyanui Sea Defence and Road Project at Keta

Keta, Volta Region

The project was started in July 2013 and ended in October 2014. The beneficiaries of the project are the people of Atorkor, Dzita, Agbledomi, Anyanui, Atiteti and Fuveme in the Keta municipality of the Volta region.

The final completion of the project in October 2014, involved the construction of seven groins into the sea to protect the boulders along the 2.7-kilometre stretch of the shoreline.

The three-phase project was executed to stop the persistent degradation of the coastal stretch in the Keta Municipality, owing to tidal waves.
It was executed at the cost of $54 million, with the third phase costing $11 million.
The third phase involved the construction of seven groynes into the sea to protect the boulders along the 1.5 -kilometre stretch of shoreline.

Phases of the project
The first phase of the project, which was valued at $30 million, was started in 2008, and saw the construction of boulders on the shoreline to stop the sea from reaching the communities.
It also involved the construction of a two-kilometre road and the laying of strong wire mesh to protect the coastline against the sea waves.

During the second phase, which started in 2012 a one-kilometre stretch of builders was constructed on the shoreline at a cost of $11 million and was completed in eight months.

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Project Details

Project ID: JM-4903
Project Type: Sea Defence Project
Year Built: 2014