Ho-Fume Road through Dzolokpuita, Vane and Avatime

Ho-Fume, Volta Region

The road which starts from the foot of the Galenkui mountain near Ho, traverses through the Weto hills and the Avatime mountain to Fume. This connects the regional capital, Ho to Hohoe and Kpando through, Taviefe, Dzolokpuita, Avatime-Vane and Fume.
The project was divided into two lots, with lot one being the 10.4km Ho-Teviefe section and 7 km Vane-Fume section for effective and easy execution.
Contractors of the Ho-Fume road, Rolider Ltd has handed over the 17.4km highway to government in March 2016.
On 24th April, 2016, President Mahama inaugurated the Fume-Dzolokpuita roads at Avetime.

Project Details

Project ID: JM-4875
Project Type: Road and Railway
Year Built: 2016